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The cable landing station is critical infrastructure

Brian Lavallée senior director, solutions marketing at Ciena, looks at the pivotal role of the landing station in the subsea sector The Changing Subsea Landscape The submarine networking industry continues to experience significant churn with a sea change of innovative new technologies finding their way into building intercontinental networks, overland and undersea, such as coherent


Article: The Final Frontier

Originally published in the eBook ‘Submarine Networks in Evolution’ in association with Submarine Networks What are some of the trends you’re seeing with respect to how modular cable landing stations and data centres are being used and built, and how will this develop over time? In order to serve emerging markets lacking access to next-generation


Article: Saving subsea through diversity

Capacity Magazine: December/January 2019 The lack of statistics that exist around women in subsea is shocking. For this very feature my search took me to the very depths on the worldwide web, tapping up numerous resources via LinkedIn and email and I still came up with nothing. Through my own grassroots style of investigating, I


Modular Construction in Offshore Energy

Technology advances in flexibleww construction have increased significantly in recent years, leading to applications in a wide range of industries with rigorous performance specifications and technical requirements such as Oil and Gas, wind, and marine energy production. To cite but one example, the development cycle of a conventional Offshore Floating Production System (FPS) can range anywhere from five to seven years


Article: Ready to assemble: Implementing prefabrication in health facility projects

Implementing prefabrication in health facilities projects comes with a number of advantages and challenges. Healthcare industry publication Health Facilities Management explores the increasing interest in prefabrication for health care projects and taps the expertise of XSite Modular’s CEO Amy Marks to provide insight on effective implementation. Read the full article “Ready to Assemble: Implementing Prefabrication


Interview with Amy Marks: Advancing Prefabrication 2018

As an MMC consultant, what are the main challenges that you see stakeholders facing with regards to off-site work in the current market? Prefabrication techniques and expertise are growing in the market, but what’s holding the industry back are internal roadblocks. The current processes of how construction companies conceptualize, estimate, and procure work preclude the