Press Release: XSite Modular’s Amy Marks to Speak at 7th Annual Modular & Precast Construction

Evolution in construction is nearly non-existent but has never been more necessary, as contractors face escalating material costs, labor shortages, and cutthroat competition.

Through modernizing construction and shifting away from conventional means, contractors are discovering how to reduce onsite hours, and improve efficiency and productivity. Developers and constructors are also beginning to recognize and utilize the advantages of constructing high-performing smart buildings, which is only possible through modularization, prefabrication and innovation.

The 7th Annual Modular & Precast Construction will be sharing and detailing the latest advances and strategies for how this is being achieved, and results in breakthroughs in the industry.

World-class speakers at this event include: chairperson Amy Marks (CEO and Co-Founder of XSite Modular), Conrad Wong (Managing Director of Yau Lee Construction Co.), Gopan Pillai (Managing Director HOCHTIEF), and Roman Collins (Executive Director, AECOM).

Amy Marks is chairing the event and will provide the Keynote Address on Day One titled, ‘The Off-Site Continuum: Developing a successful prefabrication strategy and industry paradigm shift’. This vital address will take an in-depth look at XSite’s original and unique Off-Site Continuum, as well as how to remodel common off-site elements for optimized designs and economies of scale. The address will then dive into several case studies including a New York City 32-story high rise modular building, the tallest in the world.

On Day Two, Ms. Marks will be hosting Session One in Stream 1 – Offsite Construction entitled, ‘Prefab Data Centers: Installing off-site built data centers in a thriving IoT age’. It will cover how to swiftly deploy data centers, manufacturing building blocks for infrastructure expansion, and adding future growth and green opportunities without constraints.

On Day Three is then a rare opportunity, as the internationally renowned and highly sought Ms. Marks will be hosting a full-day workshop with two essential sessions. In the morning she will be covering how to assess your company’s prefabrication readiness to ensure success. Then in the afternoon she will be delving into Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), a methodology and principles that detail best practices and innovative strategies. Understanding its concepts is vital for anyone wishing to be successful in any design, manufacturing or construction process that involves prefabrication.

“Amy is a dynamic and experienced professional who opened her playbook and treated us like her team, a very valuable experience and of big things to come.”
– Charlie Hargroves, Curtin University.

Most of these things I walk away with nothing. This was different.
– Paul Shanks, SteelCAD Drafting.

“XSite Modular’s structured approach to consulting has moved us forward light years in our off-site across the US and provided tremendous value to our company and our clients.”

-Nancy Novak, National Vice President of Operations, Balfour Beatty Construction.

The aims of the Modern Methods of Construction 7th Annual Conference include: Pin-pointing costly areas and implementing strategies to reduce and manage expenses, transforming traditional models, and revealing how to use lean construction and logistics planning to reduce excess and maintain efficiency.

Who will benefit: Owners, Design Community, General Contractors, Trade Partners, Government Agencies.