February 2017 | XSite Modular

Article: Manufactured Assemblies

The world of prefabricated construction goes beyond the washroom pods and classroom modules that often first come to mind— “pods and mods” as Amy Marks, president of XSite Modular, put it at a recent symposium organized by PCL to launch their expanded facility. Instead, says Marks, there’s a continuum of off-site construction methods. These range


Scaling New Heights in Building Technology Using Prefabrication

USA Prefabrication and Modern Methods of Construction Expert Amy Kulka-Marks appearing as conference chairman and keynote speaker in Sydney, Australia, from Tue Feb 28 until Thu Mar 2. ​ Modular construction and prefabrication provides cost and schedule certainty, while drastically reducing on-site man-hours, by removing significant work from the building site and enabling a concurrent