Article: 21st Century Prefab Offers New Opportunities

Prefabrication 21st century-style is much more than the prefabrication of complete homes and apartment modules. Although relatively well known, these ‘volumetric’ modules are just one incarnation of prefabrication. More broadly, prefabrication involves the transformation of how we think about the construction industry and what project efficiency really means, like supply chain implications for mechanical sub-assemblies and wiring harnesses, to cite just two examples.

This change is already underway and gaining momentum. Amy Marks, president and owner of XSite Modular, is adamant that the experience in her native US clearly shows that the take-up should be much wider than the residential sector, where much of the prefabrication action has been to date in Australia. As examples, she cites the increasing importance of prefabrication in delivering hi-tech projects and the telecommunications sector.

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