2015 | XSite Modular

Interview with Amy Marks: Modern Methods Of Construction

During a feature interview with Sourceable, XSite Modular’s Amy Marks makes a compelling case for clients to rethink how they buy their construction projects in future. She explains the benefits of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), including improving construction productivity, avoiding waste and lowering overall construction costs. During the interview she also covers: The emergence


Barriers to prefab construction in Australia (and how to break them)

Interview with Amy Marks – by Stephanie McDonald ​ People often only think of prefabrication as only volumetric boxes. Prefabrication or off-site is actually a continuum of elements ranging from intelligent materials, components, subassemblies and also volumetric modules. Many of these elements are invisible to the design and are integrated at the system level like


Article: 21st Century Prefab Offers New Opportunities

Prefabrication 21st century-style is much more than the prefabrication of complete homes and apartment modules. Although relatively well known, these ‘volumetric’ modules are just one incarnation of prefabrication. More broadly, prefabrication involves the transformation of how we think about the construction industry and what project efficiency really means, like supply chain implications for mechanical sub-assemblies