Amy Marks, Speaker and Thought Leader

Amy Marks CEO Keynote Speakerspeaker


“Amy, it was a privilege and pleasure to hear you and learn so much about Prefab. You are truly the Queen of it!”

— Lily Z.

Leader, Innovator and Changemaker

As CEO of XSite Modular, Ms. Marks has pioneered a path to become the world’s preeminent prefabrication consultant and is often called the Queen Of Prefab. Literally creating the role as the first prefabrication consultant, Amy defined the language and process that is adopted by companies, countries and builders around the world to enable prefabrication.

Ms. Marks champions the use of optimized prefabrication across many building types including high-tech, healthcare, hospitality, data centers, residential and commercial buildings. As the leader of XSite Modular, she has strong relationships across the world with many owners, architects and engineers, and supply chain partners. She is a unique and outspoken agent for change that is well-respected across many industries and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and chairperson of conferences on prefabrication. She is the chairman and ambassador of the Advancing Prefabrication show, which is one of the largest and most innovative of its kind.

Passionate about technology-embedded buildings, as the subsea cable and modular data center business has exploded and extended to the edge, Ms. Marks has been at the forefront of this evolution with her global expertise in critical infrastructure building types across the terrestrial and subsea infrastructure space.

Ms. Marks is committed to using her extensive experience, thought leadership and high-profile within the prefabrication space to promote participation, innovation and advancement across all industry segments while bringing critical attention to attracting a diverse talent pool and tirelessly educates about inclusion issues as a means to bring new perspectives and skill sets into the industry. She is a graduate of the University of Florida and an alumna of Harvard Business School.  She is a mom to her daughter Mackenzie, and also an avid sports fan having played competitive rugby for almost 15 years.


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Amy has served as Chair on many domestic and international conferences and as a keynote speaker.  She lends her expertise and networking power as curator of actionable and pragmatic event content.

She has been appointed by the Government of Singapore to their International Panel of Experts focused on Construction and Productivity, is Co-Chair of the Open IX Edge Data Center Standard Committee, founder of the newly formed Women in Subsea, member of the PR Committee for ICPC, and the chair of the SubOptic working group for diversity and inclusion.


·       Chair of the Modern Methods of Construction Conference – Kuala Lumpur

·       Chair of the Modular Construction & Prefabrication Conference – Australia

·       Chair of the Advancing Prefabrication Construction Conference 2018

·       Lean Construction Congress – Selected Individual Speaker

·       Telecom Exchange LA – Speaker

·       Telecom Exchange NY – Speaker

·       Subsea Americas – Speaker and Moderator


·       PTC’19 – Speaker and Moderator

·       Submarine Networks EMEA – Speak and Moderator

·       Chair of the Advancing Prefabrication Construction Conference 2019

·       Mechanical Contractors Association of America 19 Imagine – Highlighted speaker

·       SubOptic – Lunch Program Moderator and presenter

·       SubOptic – Roundtable Discussion Leader

·       CAPRE – 5G Panelist

·       Submarine Networks Singapore – Chair of the Data Center and Cable Landing Station Track

Diversity & Inclusion

A stalwart advocate for diversity and inclusion issues within the subsea community, Ms. Marks is a founder of the Women in Subsea.  She is passionate about fostering innovation and attracting diverse talent within the Submarine Cable industry. Working through SubOptic she has recruited a team for the working group that strives to advance and promote cultural and ethnic equality, respecting and valuing differences, including (but not limited to) age, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

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